Melton Mowbray ChocFest November 2017

This was ChocFest’s second year and it was a huge success! Numbers were up on last year and there were lots of happy attendees sampling all things chocolatey. It was a good opportunity to start some Christmas shopping, with people walking around with bulging bags of goodies! We did well too, exchanging pizzas for brownies from the Beeston Brownie Company and some speciality beers from another trader. It’s a great chance for sellers to try each other’s products-a little perk of the job!

There were two new additions on our menu this year: squash puree, Stilton, pinenuts and rosemary; and homemade fennel sausage with friarielli (a wild broccoli marinated in garlic and chilli). Both of these are bianca pizzas, which means there is no tomato base. They’re absolutely delicious! And I think that the squash pizza is possibly my new favourite. Naturally, the Nutella calzone was also back on the menu…well, how could we trade at ChocFest without offering this tasty little treat? J

Although the days were successful pizza-wise (we sold out on both days-yippee!), we did have a traumatic end to Saturday. As we were packing away and tidying up, our lovely employee sliced her finger as she was washing a new knife. OUCH! It was like a scene from Casualty, culminating in visiting the walk in centre in Melton for her to have her poor, injured and throbbing finger professionally bandaged. She then had to make a trip to A&E to have it dressed and treated properly. This of course meant that she was unable to help the following day, so we owe Tom’s mum a big thank you as she came to the rescue (she’s a regular helper and a dab hand with a pizza peel), stepping in to work on the Sunday!

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