Planning the Business

the peel pizza van

Planning the business started around two years ago, where it progressed from weekend conversations of ‘what if’ to a more determined desire to bring our hypothetical discussions to fruition. Tom had been following the development of the street food scene for some time, researching the success of various traders and businesses and decided that this was the route he wanted to take for our own venture. So, having made the decision to begin building our business, we needed to lay the foundations first by planning, planning and then planning some more!

Although we admired some of the vintage style conversions, we decided that we wanted to house our kitchen and wood fired oven in a modern vehicle. Essentially, we wanted a van with a long wheel base to add extra space and we thought that a newer model would not only be more reliable, but would also suit the look we were aiming to achieve. After compiling endless spreadsheets accounting for all the minutiae of the business and an almost unhealthy addiction to AutoTrader we finally found the perfect van: a Renault Master located in Leeds.

Now that the van was purchased we could turn our attention to the more fun aspects of the business: the logo design, website, van conversion and menu.

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