The First Pizzas!


Tom collected the van on Friday 9th October and of course, we wanted to use it immediately! So, who better to use as guinea pigs to try our first pizzas out on than our own family? Funnily enough, the promise of free pizzas and a chance to see our new oven in action was a sufficient incentive for our families to join us and get tasting!

We knew that the fire in the oven would take longer to get up to temperature on its first few uses and, with it being our very first attempt at lighting it, we found that after around an hour and a half of prodding, poking and stoking, we were finally getting somewhere!

We thought we’d trial a few different toppings. Naturally, the first one was the classic Margherita, followed by a rather tasty little creation of smoked mozzarella, ham and mushroom (a particular favourite of the evening!). Then we tried our hand at a pizza Bianca, topped with three different cheeses and a sprinkling of rocket and the last one involved chorizo and a combination of the aforementioned ingredients! We made 12 in total and ate 12 in total, which is a good effort considering there were 7 of us!

This evening left us feeling excited for our business and eager to have another go at trialling the oven and some more pizzas!

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