The Photoshoot

How do you make a website look good? Why, have some decent photographs on it, of course! We enlisted the help of professional photographer, Michael Penty (he’d been our wedding photographer the previous year) and arranged for him to come along and take some pictures of the van. This all seems straightforward enough, yes? Wrong. Why? Because of our wonderful British weather! The day we chose had most cunningly and cruelly tricked the weather forecast into believing that it was going to be a bright, clear autumnal morning. The reality, however, proved to be fog thick enough to cause havoc and stop some aeroplanes from flying that day! So, we met Michael at our chosen location and realised that this fog was stubborn; it was not going to budge and, in order to take a decent photograph, we decided that it would help enormously if we could actually see the van!

There was only one thing we could do: reschedule.

The following Monday, we tried again. Only this day provided a different challenge: my absolute favourite weather combination of strong wind AND rain. Lovely. And, not in the least bit inconvenient for lighting a fire, with gust after gust blowing down the chimney! Perseverance paid off and we managed to get the fire ablaze. We weren’t defeated twice and, this time, Michael was able to happily snap away and take some great shots of the van. Hooray!

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